Terms & Conditions

Most returns can be avoided before you make your purchase. All products listed on our website provide Quick Specs and Use and Care Manuals to download and verify dimensions. Should you have any questions, please contact a Sales Representative to confirm or schedule a pre-measurement appointment to avoid additional charges.

ONLINE PURCHASES Promotional Discounts are only available for in-store purchases. Additional discounts cannot be applied to online orders. Drop-Off and Customer Pick-Up orders are not eligible for online purchases. In certain cases, you may incur additional charges if a sales representative determines that more labor or parts are required to complete an installation that is necessary as per the manufacturer's guidelines. Please refer to the additional Terms & Conditions provided for your purchase below.

Online purchase payments will be placed on a temporary pre-authorization hold with Authorize.net to ensure sufficient funds are available. This is a very common fraud prevention method used by many financial institutions. A Sales Representative will contact you at the phone number you provided during checkout to review your purchase and schedule delivery.


Additional charges, including a 25% RE-STOCKING FEE and/or RE-DELIVERY/INSTALL CHARGE will apply should any product be returned, canceled, rescheduled, or modified (additional charge) due to incomplete Customer Requirements.


  1. MEASUREMENTS & DESIGNATED SPACE: Required cutout size (H x W x D) MUST BE MEASURED EXACTLY BY THE CUSTOMER and CONFIRMED according to product guide dimensions. Product dimensions are available in-store or can be downloaded at www.christiesappliancetucson.com by searching for the product model number. Should you have any questions, please contact a Sales Representative to confirm or schedule a pre-measurement appointment for an additional charge. Please be aware and inspect your existing cabinets, walls, baseboards, flooring, doors, counters, plumbing & electric, connections, etc. that may hinder appliance use or installation. Interior and Exterior doorways, passageways, paths, and stairways must be measured and inspected to ensure all products will safely dolly to the designated space without damaging the product or personal property, having to dis-assemble (except refrigerator/freezer doors) or lift/carry products over obstructions (kitchen islands, walls, shrubs, furniture, etc.). Additional charges will apply should any products need to be moved upstairs.
  2. EXISTING CONNECTIONS: CONFIRM your appliance’s existing connections are Gas (Natural or LP) or Electric. Delivery/Installation charges are estimated based on existing, compatible plumbing/electric/gas connections required and the Customer’s pre-measured designated space. INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS: The purchase of Christie’s installation kits and hook-ups, range anti-tip devices, new gas line installation, and drain pans for multi-floor laundry are required. Appliances will NOT be installed or connected should the customer decline Christie’s installation kits, hook-ups, or installation requirements. Christie’s will NOT connect any appliance to existing kits or hook-ups. Christie’s will NOT be responsible for the reimbursement of any required or suggested modifications, product, property, existing faulty/old connections, or damage costs.
  3. SCHEDULINGAll invoices must be paid in full BEFORE SCHEDULING. Delivery, Installation, Drop-Off, and Recycling charges are non-refundable. Your scheduled date of delivery will be confirmed via text, email, and phone call to the number provided at the time of purchase. Customer-requested time frames are NOT guaranteed. Failure to respond to delivery confirmation (text, email, phone call) attempts will result in delivery cancellation and may be subject to additional delivery charges. Invoices with a Job Status labeled “EST” are NOT scheduled for delivery.
  4. CANCELLATIONS: for Scheduled Deliveries, Drop Offs, and Installs must be made before 7:00 PM the evening before the scheduled delivery date. A Cancellation/Reschedule charge will apply for customer/agent cancellations made after the deadline. Additional Delivery/Installation charges will apply for requests (door swing reversals, icemaker installations, laundry stacking, etc.) made after the initial delivery/installation/drop-off is complete. An additional Delivery Charge will apply should any Scheduled Installation be dropped off and not installed on the initial scheduled date. Any additional charges must be paid in full before rescheduling.
  5. SIGNER: Buyer must be present at the site or have an Adult (18+ years of age) representative, approved by the Buyer, present to accept the delivered merchandise, Terms & Conditions, and to confirm all merchandise is in good condition with no damage to the product or personal property.

PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNTS: are only available for IN-STORE Purchases. Additional discounts cannot be applied to online orders. Drop-Off and Customer Pick-Up orders are not eligible for online purchases. Select promotional products must be delivered by a specific date. Should the qualifying appliance/s not be delivered by the delivery deadline date as stated on your invoice, the promotion will be VOID and the customer will be responsible for the balance due before delivery. Christie’s will not honor any discounts on products not delivered by the delivery deadline date.

PAYMENT Invoice must be PAID IN FULL before scheduling. Online or check payments are not accepted for Customer Pick Up or Drop Off. Credit Card payments will not be refunded and charged to a different card due to the customer using the “wrong card”. Checks are not accepted for products transported by the Customer/Agent. A processing fee will be charged for lost checks or NSF/Account Closed items. Failure to pay fees may result in collections or legal action. Check Refunds will only be issued to the “Bill To” individual listed on the sales invoice. Check refunds will be issued 14 business days after the check deposit date. Debit card, cash, gift/reward card transaction refunds will be issued via check. We do not accept credit card balance transfer check payments or credit card payments over the phone. Please allow a minimum of 14 business days for credit card refunds to post to your account. If Christie’s commences an action to recover any payments or property, the customer will be responsible for any costs associated with such action, including but not limited to, attorneys’ fees and collection expenses.

CONSUMER FINANCING must be approved and pre-authorized at the time of purchase. Modified invoices requiring an increase in the financed amount will require an additional, modified authorization, and must be signed by the account holder BEFORE delivery. Monthly payments are not accepted at any Christie’s locations. Please refer to your finance billing statement and/or terms & conditions for payment requirements. If Christie’s commences an action to recover any payments or property, the customer will be responsible for any costs associated with such action, including but not limited to, attorneys’ fees and collection expenses.

APPLIANCE WARRANTY & REPAIR: New Appliance Products sold are Warranted by the Manufacturer for manufacturing electrical or mechanical defects only and begin the date the product is Delivered, Installed, Dropped Off, or Transported. *Select Discounted products, or products used in a Commercial environment are EXEMPT from Manufacturer’s Warranty. Christie’s makes NO other warranty, express or implied, regarding the products. In no event will Christie’s be liable or held liable for damages or expenses, including, but not limited to, reimbursement due to loss of use of a product, reimbursement for loss of profits, reimbursement for damages to or destruction of property due to Manufacturer defects in the products, or late or non-delivery of the Products.

PROTECTION PLANS authorize coverage for mechanical or electrical failures only and begin the date the product is Delivered, Installed, Dropped Off, or Transported. Customers may be required to contact a Protection Plan representative for additional repair screening BEFORE repair service is approved and scheduled. Product exchanges approved by the Protection Plan do NOT cover price increase difference for replacement model, removal, modification, hook-ups, re-delivery, re-installation, or miscellaneous charges. Cancellations/Refunds of Protection Plans may be subject to a processing fee plus a pro-rated cancellation fee, less any paid claims. Please refer to Protection Plan Terms & Conditions for coverage details.

To SCHEDULE SERVICE REPAIR, call Christie’s Factory Authorized Service Department at 520-326-7129. Please refer to your product's User Manual/Protection Plan Terms & Conditions for troubleshooting and product coverage before scheduling a service appointment. A SERVICE FEE plus parts & labor, will apply should the Manufacturer's Warranty/Protection Plan expire, not cover the complaint, the product cannot be diagnosed, customer mis-installation, misuse, or complaint is of normal working status (i.e. normal working refrigeration and washer sounds) as deemed by the Service Technician at the time of service. Christie's reserves the right to refer any service repair to the Manufacturer or Protection Plan Provider. See Warranty/Plan terms & conditions for coverage details. SERVICE/DELIVERY AREAS & EXEMPT PRODUCTS: We do not Deliver, Install, or Service ALL Tucson areas. Additional Delivery, Installation, or Service Trip Charges will apply for eligible out-of-town delivery or service areas. Christie's does not perform service repairs on products purchased from other retailers, adjustable mattress bases, built-in refrigerators, Wi-Fi connections, hoods (downdraft & island), GE Monogram, or offer In-Store Repair Service.

CUSTOMER/AGENT TRANSPORT: A photo ID and proof of form of payment must be presented by the Customer or Agent at the time of pick up. Merchandise will not be released to any individual not listed on the invoice and does not provide a photo ID with the form of payment. All Merchandise transported by Customer/Agent is done so at THEIR OWN RISK using their own secured transport materials. Customer/Agent will not hold Christie's Appliance accountable for any, and all, claims, damages, or causes of action from transportation accidents or damages. All products are inspected BEFORE transport and do not qualify for Return or Damage discounts after the product is released from our warehouse/store. Christie's will not be liable for product or property damages during transport, product misuse, storage, neglect, or Customer/Agent mis-installation of appliances.

HAUL AWAY/RECYCLED products are removed on a one-for-one basis for an additional charge. We do not deliver, connect, or install any Haul Away products to other locations. Please be sure to remove all personal items from your current appliance before removal as all Haul Away/Recycled products are recycled daily and cannot be recovered. MOVING an appliance is an additional charge and includes the placement (no hook-up) of the appliance to a garage or carport only. We do not remove household doors or alter the appliances in any way. Customers are responsible for ensuring a clear path to the garage or carport, including moving furniture, removing doors, etc., before delivery. Non-Refundable. *Customer assumes responsibility for any damages or failure to the relocated unit and will not hold Christie's accountable for any reimbursements or replacements. Charges are non-refundable.

RETURN POLICY: NO RETURNS, REFUNDS, EXCHANGES or ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS on Registered Products (online or mail-in), Special Orders, Modified or Converted Products, Parts, Installation Kits, Hook-ups, Filters, Used, Floor Model, AS-IS, Open Box, Buy Back, Damaged, One-Only, Closeout, Discontinued, Service Return appliances, delivery, installation, conversions, side-vents, inspection, measurements, re-delivery, recycling, soap, accessories, mattress, pillow, bedding or foundation items. We do not offer merchandise on a "TRIAL" or "APPROVAL" basis. Any Return requests must be made by contacting the Store Manager within 24 Hours from the date of delivery, installation, drop off or pick up. Christie’s reserves the right to require Service call/s be completed (product diagnosed and part/s replaced) by Christie’s or Manufacturer before any return is considered. Any Return authorized by Christie's Management will require a minimum 25% per product retail restocking fee, plus a re-delivery/installation charge. Returned product must be in pristine condition (no dents, scratches, stains, damage, odors, etc.) with all manufacturer-included hookups, user manual, and blank registration card. Product must NOT have been registered, either by mail or online. Returned products not in pristine condition will not be accepted or refunded. Return requests will not be accepted after the initial 24-hour period. Christie’s reserves the right to refer any Return Request to the Manufacturer or Service Plan provider. SPECIAL ORDERS — Products that are not regularly stocked – must be paid in full at the time of purchase and are not eligible for cancellation, refund, exchange, or return once the order is placed. Any ordered product or part is NOT guaranteed to be received from the Manufacturer or Distributor by any specific date.

DAMAGES: Please fully inspect the condition of ALL delivered, installed or drop off products immediately for physical defects, scratches, or damage. Drop Off Products are REQUIRED to be opened and inspected. Any products left unopened or inspected at the customer’s request DO NOT qualify for any return or damage allowance, even if claim is submitted within the 24-hour claim grace period. Any product or property Damage Claim must be reported to a Christie’s Sales Manager for review within 24 hours from the date of delivery, install, or drop-off. ALL Product & Property Damage Claims must include the following: 1) A written description of product or property damage noted on Delivery Invoice at the time of delivery/install/drop off, including the Customer/Agent signature. 2) Clear photos of product or property damage. 3) Clear photos of product model & serial tag. Christie’s reserves the right to refer product damages to the Manufacturer and use a certified representative of our choosing to assess and repair any Property Damage claims. Product or Property Damage Claims not noted on invoice and/or made after the 24-hour grace period will not be accepted or covered under any warranty.

PRICING: In-Store, Online, Telephone and Print Pricing, Promotions and Quotes will not be honored after close of business on select end dates.

MAIL IN REBATES:are the sole responsibility of the Customer. Customers will not be compensated for declined, ineligible, lost, late or incomplete mail-in/electronic rebate submissions. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions listed on your rebate form for full details

PRIVACY POLICY: We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We may collect personally identifiable information (PII) when you visit our site. We also automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information and the page(s) you visited. All phone calls to and from any location or department are recorded for training and quality purposes. Photos/videos of existing/new products, hook ups, connections, existing/new property damage will be taken and stored on a secure network for liability purposes. Email address is collected for warranty terms & conditions and customer communication only. Dependent on customer’s cellphone plan, message and data rates may apply for text communications. We will not sell your personally identifiable information to any third-party members. To protect the health and safety of our employees, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Terms & conditions may be subject to change. Any revisions will supersede all previous Terms & Conditions.

By completing my online order, I agree to the Christie’s Appliance Terms & Conditions listed above.